M. Barboza & Sons Roofing & Sheet Metal Company, Inc. will inspect your roof, provide a complete and competitive quote, repair or replace it upon your approval in timely fashion, guarantee the work and leave you with a thorough preventative maintenance program for the future.

Whether it is new construction or the complete replacement of an existing roof, M. Barboza & Sons provides the flexibility of combining new roofing technologies with old-school roofing techniques, guaranteeing that the choice you make for your new roofing system will work for you.


Roofs fail for a variety of reasons, and a complete roof inspection is recommended every six years to ensure that your roof is capable of protecting your property. A complete inspection can uncover issues that need to be addressed to extend the life of your existing roof, and to create a timeline for roof replacement that ensures your prepared when it has to happen.


Repairing an existing roof is usually the least painful option when it comes to roofing failure. M. Barboza & Sons has the depth of knowledge to understand what will work best for you when it comes to repairs.

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