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For many years, M. Barboza & Sons Roofing and sheet Metal Company, Inc. has been servicing New England with "PROFESSIONALISM", which in the roofing industry translates into application. Each step, from start to finish, must adhere to the most exacting procedures. That is what separates an adequate roof from "the very best" roof.

Whether you're looking for reassurance that your present roofing system is doing its job adequately or you're facing major/minor roofing reconstruction, trust M. Barboza & Sons to do what's right for you and your roof.

We combine the latest in technology with the best old-fashioned service to offer you the best roof care available anywhere. At M. Barboza & Sons, we approach every job with long-term reliability in mind. We do more than just repair and replace aging roofing systems. We restore confidence in your building's integrity. We'll be your personal roofing experts. So why take a chance when "the very best" is on a phone or email away. M. Barboza & Sons knows the difference.

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